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ZivanLTD. Company Profile


ZIVAN LTD - manufactures, deals and applies automation and control systems in the Israeli industrial sector 

ZIVAN LTD - offers a large range of micro and large PLC, as well instrumentation for the measurement of temperature, pressure, flow, level in a comprehensive

Approach, together with other control elements.


ZIVAN LTD - offers its costumers a complete in-house solution, all components Go through a tight quality control procedure and are tested before shipping and installment.


ZIVAN LTD - represents in Israel leading well know-world wide manufactures,

The country is covered by our regional sales engineers ready to respond on short Notice.


ZIVAN LTD - Is a family company established in 1976,located in a major industrial area in the northern region of Haifa.


ZIVAN LTD- Supplies products (locally made or imported) to the "end user".

And specializes in "tailor made" PLC' and HMI software, engineered specifically for the client.


ZIVAN LTD- has 22 employees and has an annual turn over of 7,000,000$



Zivan is the exclusive agent in ISRAEL for the following companies:



Programmable Micro controllers.
Exclusive M - 90 / 91

VISION 120 , 130 ,230 ,350  260 , 280 , 290 , 570 .


Banner Eng.

Banner is a global leader in process and industrial automation, helping customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes, and safeguard employees.



Vacuum technique.



Vacuum technique.



Temperature, Pressure transmitters, Pressure gauges.



Sanitary temperature and conductivity level controls.

Sanitary Turbidity meters.



Extensive range of products for measuring and regulating relative humidity and temperature.



Digital Temperature Controller



Monitor Technologies LLC is a leading supplier of level, flow, particle emission and aeration instrumentation for the worldwide powder and bulk solids market.



Flow Sensors



Laser sensor for distance and Level measurement. 



Process automation: pressure, level, temperature, and positioners.



Products and systems for process control and building automation



Inductiv & Capacitive Sensors




Projects Department:


We are proud to tell you that Zivan Ltd. has a Projects Section that is specialized in planning, development and setting up of command & control systems.


Our firm has gained great experience in the field of system supplies including programmable controller devices, automation & control systems and computerized communication.

In Zivan Ltd., we are devoted to our customers and their needs and this is why we overlook your personalized case with your help, in order to give you the best solution. This is also the reason why we share together our decisions while setting up the best-customized system just for you.


The systems we supply include appropriate documentation in order to enable to follow up system planning process and go on developing the systems according to future needs. Zivan can also offer you personnel training services.

Zivan Ltd. is very strict about service and system quality supplied by the firm and our quality assurance is certified by the Standards Institution according

To ISO 9001 – 2000.

Our workshop is set in order to build control cabinets while using products originating from leading producers (according to the customer's choice) while being able to contain a large number of control cabinets at once, including testing and calibration instrumentation.

In cases for which we are required to provide installations services for on-site instrumentations and cables, we do address to an external entrepreneur who works under our supervision.


Projects we have carried out:

  • Production lines data gathering
  • Process control in plants
  • Building control and industries and educational institutions.
  • HVAC control systems. (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning)
  • Refrigerating control system.
  • Process control of plastic production
  • Process control of Microelectronic industry
  • Process control in the food industry
  • Control of automatic coating lines
  • Control of tanks location
  • Control of packaging machines
  • Control of production process in cleaning rooms
  • Control of automatic painting machines
  • Control of wastewater, purification and pumping stations


Zivan Ltd. offers planning, development and execution of high quality, personal training, documentation and full guarantee.

We will be pleased to meet you for further details and presentation of the firm and its performances.


ZIVAN LTD. has been audited by the Standards Institution of Israel, and found to comply with the Quality Management Standard: ISO 9001/ 2000.



 ZIVAN’s business policy:


1.         Quality in product and service.

2.         Constant upgrading of the technological capabilities of our staff.

3.         Are costumers are first-their need for fast respond is top priority.



ZIVAN LTD-takes personal responsibility, we regard the client’s success as our success.


We care even the most minor component in great detail.

We believe that this approach keeps us always one step ahead.



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