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יצרן: LOKE
יצרן: LOKE

LDM 41/42

The LDM 41/42 is an opto-electronic distance measuring module designed for industrial use.
It works based on the phase comparison (amplitude modulation) principle.
Measurement is performed with spot accuracy, because the laser beam features a divergence as small as 0.6 mrd.

The laser operates at a wavelength range of 650 nm (red) and can easily be directed onto a target surface.
The laser qualifies for laser class 2 requirements under 2 DIN EN 60825-1:2001-11.

Measured values are output via RS 232 / 422 interface (switchable).
Connection to an industrial bus is possible.

Supervision of crane and conveyors
Distance and position measurement

Supervision of security relevant parts
Position control

Diameter measurement of coils


Reach until 50 m for reflector-less distance measurement, with additional reflectors on the object over 100 m with additional reflectors mounted onto target
High availability under in the high temperature area with high precision big supply voltage range 10 V until 30 V DC low and constant power consumption < 1,0 W (without IAlarm) simple alignment with a visible laser beam
bi-directional data-interface, switching and analogue output
Simple setup for parameter with a PC or Notebook
Measured values are displayed in meters, decimetre, centimetre, feet, inch etc. due to free scaling
Laser Class 2 under DIN EN 60825-1:2001-11
stable and simple to installing housing with protection IP 65
Profibus DP via UNIGATE Gateway

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